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PMC Insider logoFor the last few years, Nisa Smiley, as the admin for PMC insider on Facebook, asked many PMC artist about their creations and their journey working with Precious Metal Clay. For anyone wishing to learn more about PMC, these featured PMC artists profiles—Q&A interviews with images of their work—is worth a look. You can find links to each artist profile on this page.

Thank you Nisa Smiley for all these great PMC artists profiles.


PMC Artist Profiles

We'd like to shout out a big thank you to these featured PMC artists for gracing PMC Insider's page with their profiles, thoughts, and images of their incredible work. We couldn't be prouder! Thank you Vickie Hallmark, Barbara Becker Simon, NISA Jewelry, Maggie Bokor, Linda Kaye-Moses, Terry Kovalcik, Tracey Spurgin, Carrie Story, Janet Alexander, Lora Hart, Donna Penoyer, Jennifer Kahn, Noortje Meijerink, Leslie Aja, and Patrik Kusek!


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