PMC Aura22 1g

CONTENT: Gold .916g
SILVER WEIGHT: Silver .084g

  • Painted with a brush onto fine or sterling silver designs
  • Effective on heavily textured surfaces or in difficult-to-accent areas
  • Fire the Aura22-accented piece on a hot plate and burnish thoroughly to fuse the metals

PMC+ Technical Information

Imagine liquid 22K gold that can be painted onto fine or sterling silver designs, then fired and burnished to permanently bond the gold to the silver surface. Aura 22 is just that. And, unlike other embellishment processes such as gold electroplating, this remarkable liquid (containing 91.6% pure gold and 8.4% pure silver) requires no special equipment. Simply apply it with a paint brush, creating designs and accents on jewelry as freely and easily as brushing paint onto a canvas. Each package contains 1g of 22-karat gold particles in solution and a few drops of wetting solution to use as needed to keep Aura 22 in its optimal state. The liquid is a cream paste (similar to nail polish) and is sufficient to accent 20–30 workpieces, depending on the area accented per piece.

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PMC Aura 22 liquid solution is available in a 1oz. container.

  • Size: 1.4g
  • Brand: Aura 22
  • Form: Liquid Gold
  • Country of origin: Japan


Additional Specifications:
  • Composition: Metal powder (91.6% pure gold and 8.4% pure silver), water and organic binder (.0028%)
  • Gold content: 1g, 22KY


Please Note:
  • The wetting solution included with your Aura 22 is necessary only to ensure that the gold solution maintains the appropriate consistency; no more than a drop or two is ever needed.
  • The gold material that remains caught in your paintbrush when you’ve finished may be recovered and recycled.

Best ways to work with PMC Aura 22

1Enahance any fine  or sterling silver projects with accents of 22K gold

2Easy to apply with a paintbrush, toothpick or blending tool and fire with a torch before burnishing it to the surface of your piece

3Add value and quality to your work with  22K gold accents

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